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Our Story

A Company Defined to be Different

Rigel Capital is a full-service real estate brokerage that was created with a goal of re-defining the industry.  ​Our philosophy is to align ourselves with our clients to build long-term investment strategies and, like our namesake star, be a navigator to their success.


Our professional scope ranges from land, retail, office, industrial, water rights, asset management and all other related investments services. ​In addition to commercial real estate and management, our company's residential side assists its neighbors in finding their perfect home.  ​


Within the constellation, Rigel is represented by Orion's left foot, illustrated as the first foot Orion plants forward as he begins to take a stance of protection and offense against his enemy.

"Understanding the dynamics of real estate is one thing. It is understanding the motivations and expectations of our clients that continuously sets us apart from the others.  As real estate investors ourselves, we know what we would want in a real estate professional."  

Tony Scafidi, Co-Broker

Stars can be seen from all real estate here on Earth. Rigel Capital derives its name from the 7th brightest star in the night sky, a navigation star, and the brightest star in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter. Rigel, the blue supergiant, is about twice as hot as our sun and is comprised of no less than three stars, approximately 775 light years from Earth. In other words, the light you may see from Rigel started on its journey a least 250 years before Columbus unexpectedly discovered the Americas. We too intend to leave a lasting impact to our clients and community for years to come.

Just like its place within the Orion constellation, we at Rigel Capital are reminded everyday that a forward stance is important as the basis for all things productive. If we prepare first, we tend to succeed at a higher rate. This is how we aim to be perceived - Rigel represents strength, stability, and balance.


"Acta non Verba"
- translation: "Deeds not Words"

Our Culture

A cluster of like-minded individuals with common values

​Rigel Capital was established on a set of core values and beliefs that provide a unique advantage in the current real estate market. We don't preach our gravitas that hang from a wall, only to remain there. Our actions speak for themselves. We provide our clients with extensive experience combined with integrity, respect and hard work, utilizing the latest technologies that are available to better any transaction from start to finish. Having the full reach to represent our clients and all their needs is our passion. We are dedicated to delivering a true investment platform with a culture that can relate to the multi-faceted clients and markets that we are privileged to work everyday.

What makes Rigel Capital different is the commitment to our values, our clients, and each other.  The freedom to choose the people you work with goes both ways - clients and company alike.  It's the people at all points of the process that allow real estate transactions to be successful and Rigel Capital chooses its clients the same way a client would choose their real estate professional.  A supportive, ego-free team atmosphere is what allows us to reach new heights with every deal, every day.  It is because of this attitude that we go beyond the basic brokerage and commission structure by investing alongside clients and benefiting together as a whole.  We couldn't accomplish this without cohesion and accountability to our team and clients.


To continue to be an industry leader, facilitating a lasting investment impact on our clients, team, and the markets we service through responsible real estate brokerage and management.


To create value by providing real estate services with true transparency, educating our clients in the process, while holding ourselves to the highest standards.  



Stay Humble

We’re a team and never take credit beyond what is our group effort.  Honesty and respect will always create a better reward and impact in life and we work to stay focused on that fact. 

Own It

Accountability is everything.  As actions speak louder than words, we aim to always stay true to our commitments in the form of quick response and delivery of our promised services.

Embrace Change

Every day represents new challenges. We know this as fact.  Understanding that every day and every deal is different prepares us to be flexible & adapt in order to succeed.

Be Responsible

Be More

We embody an entrepreneurial and protector spirit in achieving real estate solutions that are innovative, flexible, and most importantly, attainable; all while building lasting relationships in the process.

Keep Persisting

We remain alert and responsive, quick to action.  We tirelessly fight through everyday challenges to meet the goals of our clients and our own.

Be Inspired

We’re motivated to do work that inspires us. The pride we earn from our accomplishments via our clients' successes allow us to continue to strive for greatness. 

We expect nothing but high expectations from our clients; we set the standard in meeting ambitious financial and equity goals, along with other business commitments. 

If you’d like more information about us, get in touch today.

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